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We provide apprenticeship to our students who are keen to keep building their own knowledge and skill and, at the same time, train new comers and earn a little side pocket.

Recently, we have onboarded Samir as a mentor who has shown great enthusiasm on guiding fellow students. Samir takes Taekwokdo practice very seriously. We are very pleased to have him in our Gurkhas Taekwondo family.

We expect more of our students to rise up to their potential and will be happy to offer more apprenticeship to students who are passionate about training.

Assistant Instructor

Samir Shrestha

He is a Kukkiwon black belt 1st Dan with a strong background in martial arts.

Samir began his martial arts journey at Gurkhas Taekwondo and has since achieved numerous victories in club and  state championships. With his exceptional skills and experience, he has now taken up the role of an assistant instructor at Gurkhas Taekwondo.

Samir is highly motivated, dedicated, and has a wealth of experience in the field of fighting. His expertise and passion for martial arts make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Samir | Gurkhas Taekwondo

A young and dedicated assistant instructor