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Since 2018, we have been helping many of our students to take care of themselves, they are heros of our society.

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Why learn taekwondo

There are many reasons why one should learn taekwondo. This is an important life skill.

Gurkhas Taekwondo Practice


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Gurkhas Taekwondo Kick


Students learn to defend themselves in dire situations when needed.

Gurkhas Taekwondo Practice

Strong and fit

Regular exercise makes students strong and fit. It helps to build stronger core and healthier body.

Gurkhas Taekwondo Practice

Confidence and self esteem

Pracitising helps to build confidence and self-esteem in all people including players.

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"My guru is the best guru."

2023 Alumn

"The teachers are fantastic."

Shibika Shrestha
Gurkhas Taekwondo Student

"Awesome masters."

Belissa Shrestha
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"Best Gurus I have ever met."

Jerusha Joshi
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